Instructions for use Myceril

Instructions for using Myceril cream

Myceril - the best treatment and prevention of finger fungus in Slovenia, also because of its simple application. Professional parasitologists say they love and approve of the way antifungal cream works. They recommend it to their patients. Many suffer from symptoms of post-fungal infection, such as dry, slightly irritated or itchy skin. Regular use of the product has no known side effects or contraindications. Does not cause dermatological allergies. Can safely treat sensitive or irritated skin. Customers simply need to remember to follow the instructions for use applied as a user guide on the packaging.

Instructions for using Myceril anti-fungal cream for a good result

The daily regimen of Myceril Antifungal Cream is simple as long as you follow the manufacturer's instructions for use. You can find them in the form of a user manual on the packaging. Remember to wash your feet thoroughly with antibacterial soap and warm water. Also, store it in a dry, well-ventilated place to maintain its quality.

How many times a day to apply Myceril Antifungal Foot Cream without side effects, according to the instructions for use? How to use the cream can be easily understood from the instructions.

Just follow these 3 steps:

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Rinse and dry your feet thoroughly before using the cream. Then, gently apply a small amount of antifungal solution to the desired area using circular motions. Massage with light circular motions until completely absorbed into the dermis and do not rinse. Leaves no greasy stains or marks on clothes or underwear. Use it twice a day for a full calendar month for a lasting effect.

The full course of applying the cream is 30 days (one month).

Indications for use of the cream Myceril

The cream is an effective remedy that allows men and women of all ages to eliminate nail fungus on the skin of the nails and feet. The drug differs from similar treatment options, as it eliminates the disease without a load of the drug on the body and does not cause side effects. The innovative development is created specifically for home use, which allows you to undergo therapy in a relaxed and private manner. The product looks like a cream: it has passed laboratory tests and confirmed its positive qualities.

Reasons why you should think about using the cream:

  • Peeling, cracked and scaly feet
  • Bubbles.
  • The skin is red, softened or broken.
  • Itching, uncomfortable feeling.
  • The skin begins to become inflamed.
  • Bad smell.

Some species have blisters or sores. For example, one of the varieties causes chronic dryness and skin of the soles that lie on the lateral surface of the foot. It can be mistaken for eczema or dry skin.

Contraindications to the use of cream Myceril

The cream has no contraindications due to its natural composition. The only condition is that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in the cream. Before ordering and applying the cream, make sure that you tolerate all the elements in the composition, otherwise, it is better to refuse the use of the cream.